​​Promoting Accessibility, Health and Inclusion for People of All Abilities

Photoluminescent Path-Finding Solutions for Outdoor and Indoor Applications. 

High-contrast signage and wayfinding strips that provide people the ability to navigate egress safely and efficiently when the lights have gone dim or out all together. Ideal for reduced vision and emergency egress applications.

AsSIStIVE tEchnologies

Enable provides Assistive Technology that can be used to enhance the functional independence of a person with a disability. Daily tasks, such as talking with friends, going to school and work, or participating in recreational activities can be challenge for people with disabilities. AT devices are tools to help to overcome those challenges.



This is one of our specialties!  We source a wide variety of both durable and disposable healthcare products for individuals, clinics, and institutions. Everything from catheters, urinary bags and absorbent pads to equipment and supplies needed in clinical settings. Your one-stop-shopping solution!


Armor-tile tactilE Systems

Armor-Tile offers the largest selection of tactile system products for transit platforms, multi-modal transit centers, curb ramps, stairwells, thresholds, pedestrian crossings, parking areas, walkways, pools, and building entrances. Exceptional wear resistance means a longer life and greater cost effectiveness.

Enable Wellness Accessibility Consulting And Solutions

EZ-access ramps

EZ-ACCESS ramps are modular and easy to install with many options to choose from. Our ramps can be configured for a variety of applications including residential, commercial and industrial.

barrier-free solutions

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of barrier-free solutions, including automatic openers, lifts and universal access washrooms. We can supply standard product solutions or custom fabricated solutions to meet your unique requirements.