​​Promoting Accessibility, Health and Inclusion for People of All Abilities

  • No wheelchair modifications required
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Patented clamping design
  • Very discreet
  • No body fluid contact
  • No wheelchair mods required
  • Works with nearly all leg bags
  • Versatile installation possibilities
  • Works with manual wheelchairs
  • Easy to clean
  • Less than 3 pounds of pull needed
  • No expensive parts to replace
  • Easy setup - NO tools required
  • Attaches to your existing leg bag
  • Will not void your wheelchair warranty
  • Tested to over 100,000 activations
  • Replacement parts available
  • Telephone support 7 days per week

Here's what the full JB-3 Kit looks like:

  • JB-3 Valve
  • 5 Feet Latex Free Drain Tubing*
  • 4 Zip Ties
  • 2 Locating Washers
  • 1 "C" Bracket
  • 14 Page Instruction Manual
  • ​Only $299.95 CAD for the complete kit

JB-3 LeG Bag Emptier

When You Gotta Go!

The JB-3 Leg Bag Emptying System may be just what you need to increase your independence! If you require a leg bag and urine catheter or a urostomy pouch and are currently unable to drain it without assistance, you need to learn more about the JB-3 Leg Bag Emptying System with its "Easy Pull" manual activation.  Regardless of why you are in the wheelchair, if you are using a manual wheelchair or a power wheelchair that you control through a joy-stick, you very likely will be able to use the JB-3. Having more independence improves your life, and the lives of your care givers. Imagine being able to be unattended for hours at a time! Read some of our real testimonials to help you understand how we've changed other people's lives for the better.